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Elektrošok Society

The unprofitable Society ELEKTROŠOK (electric shock) brings together an ambitious group of students from different faculties. The Society was assembled by students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and students from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science from University of Ljubljana.

Although we are from different faculties, we share a common desire for new knowledge and new skills. We would like to search for a junction where you can combine our ideas. In fact, this is the first excursion in the USA where participants are student from two different areas working together. The Society was born precisely from the idea, that students of both faculties should exchange knowledge, views, ideas etc. in planning this kind of trip, which professionaly covers both technical areas.

We are taking advantage of the fact, that we are interested in different things and when we put together and take each person's contribution, a mosaic of distinction, variety and diversity is built.

However our goal in the year 2011 is the same for everyone- to plan a great study trip in the U.S., which will be a unique and special experience in our lives. In our past student years we gained experience in organizing projects, that were intended for a larger audience of students, that's why we think we can make this trip possible.

It is important for us to socialize, recognize and strengthen our group dynamics, distribute tasks carefully and successfully organize and carry out our trip. 

Each of us has some experience and knowledge to contribute to the project. You can see our team members in the team category.


After reading this, you might still have some questions for us- why, how, where and when,.... We are open to any questions, ideas, suggestions and cooperation. We would be pleased and honored if you would like to help us achieve our goals and help co-create our and your story - the USA Trip 2011.


Our Society information:
Društvo študentov računalništva in elektrotehnike – elektrošok
Tržaška cesta 25
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Web page:,

Registration number: 4015487
Tax number: 39414779
Transactional number: 03160-1000788646 opened at SKB d.d.
The president: Mitja Rakar, +386 (0)31 808 557

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