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About the excursion, USA Trip 2011

Visit to the United States of America, has become a traditional project of two faculties, Faculty of electrical engineering and Faculty of computer science, both from University of Ljubljana.

Our excursion will last for 5 weeks, starting in March. Main cities on our way will be : Los Angeles, San Francisco, famous American parks, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Miami. Students which attented the excursion in the past few years had a similar path of travel, which seems to be the most economical and interesting. We'll travel to the USA by plane and there we will travel around in a van. We'll be sleeping in hostels and motels.


What is the purpose of this trip?

The purpose of this trip is to try ans understand how the big coorporations work, meet new people, network and get in touch with possible future employee - Google, Mozilla, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, TeslaMotors, the Florida Solar Center and others... At each of these companies we'll be accepted by Slovenians or some of the other contacts we have in the United States, which were obtained through our Slovenian connections, help of professors etc.  They will take us through the business sectors, where we'll learn about the organisation and infrastructure of the companies, working processes, working atmosphere, internship possibilities.

We are also going to visit some of the best universities - UCLA, Stanford, Berkley - where we'll see a different school system and meet famous Slovenian people - basketball player Goran Dragić and swimmer Sara Isakovič.


Since America has so much natural wonders, we will take advantage of free days inbetween company visits to explore the mighty U.S. parks, including the Grand Canyon National Park and Yosemite National park.

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